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Summer Outing Updates

On July 5th three bus loads of Parent Carers and their families set off from the Centre to Edinburgh Zoo. We were very fortunate with the weather. Once there everyone went their own way visiting all their favorite animals. Panda times were issued and we were really lucky that the male Panda was awake and eating his lunch. We all waited eagerly for the Penguin Parade (they are invited out of their enclosure) imaging our total surprise and amusement when only three penguins decided to come out to parade that day – still it was worth it! After that most people headed for the gift shop and then to the bus. 102 tired but happy people then traveled home.

July 12th was to be an outing to Millport unfortunately due to technical issues we were unable to get our buses on the ferry. So at the drop of a hat we quickly organised a trip to Inveraray. So off we went again this time it was a glorious day and it was a very scenic run up the Rest and be Thankful and into Inveraray. Once there everyone visited the jail wandered around the shops some went in for lunch or coffee and cake. This was another lovely outing enjoyed by all who attended.

18th July saw us off again to have a wild time at Blair Drummond Safari Park. We arrived in the wild animal reserve and were greeted by the Rhino then onto the Lions, Tigers and Giraffe and then onward to the Monkeys and Camels. The animals certainly came up close to the bus and one particular Camel decided that he really liked one of our buses and would not leave it alone; finally it was time to get off the bus and wander through the park. The birds of prey displays and Sea Lion presentations were amazing. These are just some of the animals we encountered on the day. Again the weather was really good – sun hats, sun cream and ice cream for all. Then it was homeward bound.

25th July was a visit to the Transport Museum in Glasgow again it was a well attended outing – a bit closer to home this time. Riverside Museum is home to some of the world’s finest cars, bicycles, ship models, trams and locomotives. There are also many interactive displays and historic Glasgow street scene. This was the shortest of the outing and again it was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part in it.

2nd August was the final trip for the summer. This time it was to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. After a bumpy start (due to the Edinburgh Festival). We finally arrived at Dynamic Earth and it’s like nothing else on Earth. It’s a chance to experience the primeval forces of nature as they shaped our planet, to journey through space and time and even go on an adventure around the world. Travel back in time and witness the BIG BANG. You can also feel the ground ‘sh sh udder’ as a molten lava flow from volcanoes speed straight towards you as well as seeing the Polar ice caps. This is a snapshot of the things that we experienced and was a learning and enjoyable day out for everyone who attended.

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