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Carers Act Legislation - What to Expect

What to expect when you make an Emergency Plan
An Emergency Plan is a written document which lets people know what needs to be done to support the person you care for, if you are unable to carry out your caring role at short notice. For example if you are being admitted to hospital or you have a personal incident or accident.  Please note the Centre can do Emergency Plans.

What to expect when you make an Adult Carer Support Plan
What is an adult carer support plan? An Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) is where you discuss your caring role and what is important to you in your life. It helps plan what could help you work towards your goals. Contact us to find out more.

What to expect if you are considering a Short Break
The local authority has a duty to publish a Short Break Services Statement by
31 December 2018. The statement will include information setting out what breaks are available in your area. This means you can find out what is available locally. Each local authority has local eligibility criteria and thresholds to access different supports.

There will be further “What to Expect…” leaflets available, including,
What to expect when the person you care for is discharged from hospital and What to expect when the person you care for is being assessed.

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