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Inaugural Choir Performance

Inaugural Choir Performance

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The carers choir started in 2013 as a short project to give carers (carers being the family or friend who are looking after someone at home who is ill or disabled) the opportunity to come together and perform at our AGM. This was so successful that the carers decided to continue and invite new members along.
The choir is now made up of carers from age 18 to 80+ and all carers say that it gives them a sense of community and togetherness, breaks down age barriers between young and older carers. This has a huge contribution in breaking down stigmas and stereotypes. It helps boost confidence levels, build new skills and more importantly, give the carers time to have fun and to socialise – and gives people a life outside of caring. Some carers have also reported health benefits from the choir- improved asthma and reduced stress levels.

"We sing all types of songs from Burns to Snow Patrol"

Kirsty Duncan (choir leader)

The choir practices every week and are led by Kirsty Duncan our choir leader. We sing all types of songs from Burns to Snow Patrol and are now beginning to learn some harmonies so that we can improve our performances. The choir perform at Carers Centre events like our Carers Christmas lunch as well as sing to our local day centres and care home. We also do some raising awareness sessions on behalf of the Carers Centre by singing in shopping Centres and at various information days.

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